Super Good Looking (All of the Time)


Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Because who doesn’t like staring at Aaron Taylor-Johnson…yum.

While re-watching the most recent Avengers film, which, if you haven’t seen, I highly recommend, a notion occurred to me. Why is it that in super hero movies, female super heroes always look perfect? Like, their male counterparts could be covered in grime and dripping in sweat, but in the midst of a battle a female heroine is nary  a smudge, save the one that makes her look sexy and smoldering.

Seriously. Not a hair out of place. Not an eyelash uncovered in mascara. So when kicking ass and taking names, apparently these ladies are just covered in hairspray, antiperspirant and the entire Nordstrom makeup department from head to toe.

It sets a very unrealistic standard for women that notzucwfqqgsojpqdfjnec8fqpq5iitwt5xdjfj4dyvfksuiu0oxpanbynrxb3todac only should we be able to do everything, but we should look perfect while doing so at all times. Like, sorry mainstream media, but my hair is not going to look like Natasha Romanoff (pictured right).

I feel like occasionally, female super heroes might have a bad hair day, or not feel like clogging their pores while seeking justice. Top knot, anyone? How about just a little tinted moisturizer and we call it a day?

And so this just came out and I feel like I need to share.

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