Why I Never Want to be the “Damsel in Distress”

From an early age, girls are flooded with images of princesses and fair maidens who have to be swept off their feet in order to get the guy to like them. Boys, on the other hand, are shown images of burly GI Joe’s and uber-masculine super heroes and are told that a guy’s job is to do the rescuing.

But in a world of swiping right and double-tap to like, the last thing I’m about to do is be anyone’s damsel in distress.

As a female who’s spent the majority of her life working her butt off to get where she is – educated, employed and skilled – the idea of waiting for my life to start until a prince charming comes around is kind of ridiculous.

In today’s world, “damsel in distress” has a totally different meaning. It’s a woman who’s rescued from a broken home or relationship, a girl who gives up her education, job or another chance at bettering herself for a relationship or marriage. And while some women are totally okay with that, to resigning themselves to a life of being a housewife and room mom, I don’t think I ever could be.

I love what I do, I love having adventures, and I love having people around me who support me during the trials and triumphs. And while the idea of being a pretty princess when I walk down the isle some day, when, God willing, I do find someone who can balance out my crazy life, that is definitely not a priority to me, as much as society says it should be.

And to add notes…one of my favorite broadway songs, purely because of how hilariously¬†misogynistic it is. I shared it in my Race, Gender and the Media class (which also inspired this blog).

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