Love the Way You Lie

So. Things got pretty interesting in my Race, Gender and the Media class. I’m not quite sure what to take of it.

One of our assignments was to watch Eminem and Rhianna’s “Love the Way You Lie” music video, as seen below.

The topic of the class was media and violence, and boy, did it spiral. The discussion was pretty well balanced, as it usually is in that class. That is, until two males, in their comments, said in not so few words that there are certain situations in which women provoke men, and therefore, it was excusable to for men to hit women in those situations.

Basically, all hell broke loose. I have a number of incredibly opinionated females in my class who, thankfully, stood up for the other side of the argument, but the discussion got pretty out of hand. It got to the point where one girl stood up in class and left crying, and two guys got fairly emotional as well. We were dismissed early, but it left a lot of us wondering: is violence against women still such a normalized idea that these guys thought it was okay to just dismiss it as part of life? And especially in such an open space, where it was very clear that the majority of the room was going to be upset by their statement.

I was very blessed to have grown up in a family that didn’t believe in violence as punishment, and violence against women was not a part of my every day life. But even for those who grow up around those kinds of relationships, you would think that they would be exposed to enough non-violent relationships to see that those are not the norms.

Hearing the opinions of my classmates on a weekly basis always gives me something to think about. This time was the first time I’ve ever really felt a disconnect from the students in that class.

Sometimes it sucks being so opinionated.

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