The Sound of Your Own Voice

Everyone loves it. You have to admit it. Even you do.

If you know me, or you’ve heard me speak (in which case, I apologize), you know I’m a fast-talking sometimes babbler who gets her point across in most often the most complicated way possible. I like using big words. I like run on sentences. I like repeating myself to make a point.

I will admit. I, too, like the sound of my own voice.

And the voices of other funny, nerdy people. Especially those on my favorite podcasts.

I’ve loved podcasts since middle school. When most of my friends were downloading “Hey There Delilah” on their new iPods, I was listening to new episodes of MuggleCast, Imprint and Smart Mouths, Potter, Twilight and Pop Culture podcasts respectively, run by the same crowd of podcasters that started on MuggleNet’s original show.


Obviously Potter is a big thing in my house, but these shows led me to value multitasking – doing laundry, scrolling Pinterest, cleaning out my garage – all while listening to a batch of hilarious people talk about my favorite topics.

Over the years all three shows ended, and my podcast listening died for a bit, save the occasional live show MuggleNet put on every once in a while. But my tastes have yet to change on one front (no, not Twilight). I have always and will always be a die hard Harry Potter nerd, so when I heard that some of the MuggleNet staff was in the midst of a global re-read of the series called Alohomora!, what did I do? I listened to the backlogged 40 or so episodes in less than a month to catch up, of course.

Six books later, and my love for podcasts has DEFINITELY re-ignited, and I’ve found a few new shows along the way.


Alohomora is already on book 6 of the Potter series. The middle show, Bonnie and Maude, is a fem-centric film podcast that focuses on the female perspective of various movies and pop culture pieces, which is AWESOME. And on the right, we have Read it and Weep, a “good podcast about bad books, movies and TV.”

Oh, Read it and Weep, where do I even begin? The amount of times this show has saved me from falling asleep on long drives back from school, or to Florida, or made me laugh awkwardly in a public place because of some well-timed joke that this cluster of comedians and their guests/significant others (yes, I’m referring to you, Tanya) came up with.

In fact, I liked this show so much that I became one of their monthly sponsors, lovingly referred to as a Meat Buddy (still not 100% sure how that name came about, and I’ve been listening to the show for almost two years now). One of the best things about being a Meat Buddy is that you are literally written into one of their sponsorship skits, and boy, did mine aim to please. According to the lovely people at Read it and Weep, “Holly” is the world’s best fiddle player who single handedly defeated the devil while defying the show’s biggest villain.

You can listen to the skit, and their latest episode, centered around the hit reality show “The Voice,” here.

But I digress. All this listening to podcasts has definitely made me more interested in being involved in one, especially one that covers topics I’m interested in. As some of you may have seen, I’ve recently been a part of the Stephen Perkins Program, hosted by my long time DECA friend who’s much more tech and politically savvy than I’ll ever hope to be.


I know, all he’s missing is a bottle of Lone Star and a loaded shotgun.

My first episode was a little shaky, to say the least. I wasn’t sure what to say and I was awkward as hell, but it was fun to get to talk shop with my friend and yes, I let him embarrass the crap out of me with some 50 Shades talk before I went to see the movie in theatres. You can take a listen with the player below.

But then, Stephen moved to a new network – his own network, Outset, that now hosts two podcasts in addition to his own, and I was invited back. For more 50 Shades talk, of course. And some politics, which was fun, because the research alone meant that I was more informed and was able to have a pretty decent discussion about the candidates so far for the first time in forever.


Stephen re-building his second mic for me after attending CPAC. Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

So this, my friends, has lead me to a question: what is the next step in my information sharing? Could this new fun pastime of mine, outside of writing, lead to something a little more…auditory?

I like sharing my opinions, even if they’re not always well received. I like sharing my finds, my facts, my food (in case you can’t tell, I’m kind of a foodie).  And even if I do babble on, most of the time, that’s when things get funny.

I think only time will tell, but in the mean time, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and start listening to podcasts if you don’t already. There are THOUSANDS of them out there just waiting for you to press play, on every possible topic imaginable.

In the mean time, lovelies, here’s something fun to leave you with in honor of Pitch Perfect 2’s release today (and my little sister’s birthday – I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S 18 THIS IS NOT OKAY).

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