Spring Jumble

Well, well, well.

If you didn’t read my last post, today is day two of a long month of non-stop posting. In an effort to keep things mildly personal on here, I’ve decided to talk about something that’s caused a little bit of debate amongst those around me.

I will be taking the spring semester off from UNT to work and travel.

I know, I know. Crazy move, Holly. You’re never that spontaneous! You’ve been all work and no play for four years. Why the sudden change?

I’ll tell you why! I need a break. Granted. It won’t be much of a break. But we’ll get to that later.

I’m mostly taking the semester off because I’ll be missing at least two weeks straight of school right before finals for both the Collegiate and High School DECA International Conferences. So, of course, this could substantially impact my GPA, which no one wants.

But I’ve also been taking no less than 6 hours EVERY semester since my senior year in high school (I started at UNT with 12 college credits). I’ve done summer classes, online classes during the regular semester, and busted my butt trying to balance school with work all the while.

I haven’t taken any time for myself, except the few short personal vacations I’ve had, in four years. So for the spring semester, I’ll be focusing on bettering myself. Heck, I may even get some writing done, since I’ll have more free time.

Overall, I think it’s the best decision for me. I’ll still be taking one class online through our local community college to finish up some of my basics, but it’s a much needed break that I think will do me well in the long run.

And, upside of being ahead: this won’t effect my projected graduation date of 2017! If anything, I hope this time to rest will give me motivation to jumpstart back into my studies and possibly graduate early, as I’d hoped.

Only time will tell, and with that, dear readers, I bid you good night!

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