Political Girl

Being a women in politics sucks. Just ask my mother, who did it for 20 years.

In most professional careers, a woman is not only seen as and treated like an inferior, but is often PAID less than the average male in the same position.

But I digress. Women in general are seen as gentle, nurturing and domesticated. For some reason, the second a woman gets a whiff of ambition and a pinch of aggression she’s suddenly a female dog. We ride the fine line between not being taken seriously in our pencil skirts, and being seen as a cold-hearted feminist in pant-suits.

As someone who’s worked on both real political campaigns for higher public office, and student leadership campaigns (which, like the former, are incredibly expensive and time consuming), I can honestly say that I’ve seen and been the subject of scrutiny and stereotyping by those who, until a few centuries ago, were the only people that could vote.

I’d like to point out that women didn’t gain the right to vote just to sit on the sidelines and check a ballot for the people their husband support.

Which is why I love hearing stories like this. Saira Blair, 18, became the youngest elected state official EVER, and, obviously, she’s a girl.

I would LOVE to just sit in a room with this girl and pick her brain; hear all the horror stories of the campaign trail and what challenges she encountered as a YOUNG woman in politics.

Lord know not having a y chromosome automatically means you’re a less serious candidate, but being 1/3 of the age of your competition in the primary is a serious challenge, especially in a day and age when getting young people to the polls is like pulling teeth.

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