Collegiate: Year Two

This time last year, I was grasping at straws attempting to start the UNT Collegiate DECA chapter. In mid-September, I attended the Texas Collegiate DECA Association Officer training as the State Rep from UNT, hoping to gain some information on starting a proper chapter and being a part of Collegiate DECA, which was a whole new world for me. 

Collegiate: Year Two | A Darling Disaster

Texas Association Advisor with Dr. Kathy Walton, far left, with our Association Officer Team and assistant advisor, Josh Shankle, far right.

Now, UNT DECA has had nine state champions, two international champions and an international officer, all in its first year.

Collegiate: Year Two | A Darling Disaster

UNT Collegiate DECA at the Texas State Career Development in February!

Now that I’m serving as an Executive Officer, I’m not as involved at a chapter level as I’d like to be. My focus has become every chapter in my assigned associations (and some outside!), and that’s definitely put a strain on my relationship with UNT DECA. So, when I was requested to go to the Texas Association Officer Training this weekend, I jumped at the chance.

I carpooled with three great guys from UT Dallas and Richland College (Hi Ravi, Sky and Jean!), and met some amazing leaders from across the state. They all had fantastic ideas to make this years State CDC bigger and better, and there were so many more chapters participating than at last year’s training.

I will admit, I have issues being hands off. Especially as someone who was so intertwined with the planning of last year’s conference, it was incredibly hard just facilitating the decision making, rather than making the decisions. But Dr. Walton, who so graciously hosted us at her AMAZING house (backyard pictured below), knew exactly what she was doing in leaving the officers in attendance to make all the decisions. From previous experience, this makes them MUCH more invested in their plans, and therefore are eager to see the conference succeed.

Collegiate: Year Two | A Darling Disaster

The amazing leaders of Texas Collegiate DECA.

High school and collegiate DECA are two completely different experiences, but in my opinion, that’s what makes them both so awesome. As the first event I’ve attended as an Executive Officer, I think it set a great precedent for the rest of an awesome year!

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