Promises I Intend To Keep

In the spirit of following in the footsteps of nearly everyone on my Facebook Feed, I decided yesterday to share my 2013 year in review. Now, looking forward, there are a few things I’d like to share with whoever reads this blog about my goals for 2014. That way, I have them in writing, and I have people to hold me accountable.

1. Write more. The last few “starts of seasons,” I’ve said I was going to finish a book, or a story, but looking back I know that’s super unrealistic. With work (more about my new job to come), school starting back up and just normal life, I think writing this blog and working some here and there on my writing will be enough to keep the creative juices flowing.

2. Have more life experiences. I recently read somewhere that it’s hard to write when you have nothing to write about. This, I’m coming to realize, is incredibly true. I had a ton of life experiences last year, but a lot of them were DECA related, which is hard to work into a novel. In 2014, I want to explore more places, do more things, and experience the world around me – maybe a little bit more than the world of my computer.

3. Actually use my planner. I have a $35 planner from Lilly that I NEVER use. Literally, the only things I put in it are big dates on my monthly. This year, I want to start using it more for classes, planning this blog, and keeping track of commitments with friends.

4. Interact with more online content creators. There was a time, long ago, when I followed 40 different blogs and interacted with their writers on a near daily basis. Today, I only keep in touch with one, Micaela, via Facebook. I would LOVE to find more friends online, and actually interact with them as the year goes on.

5. Get involved on campus. Last semester, it was virtually impossible to do much more than the 2 successful DECA meetings we held. I went straight from my 8-12 classes to 1-6 work half an hour away, missing pretty much all university sponsored events. The upside to having a more flexible employer and taking my classes online? A ton more chances to get involved on campus, and possibly spread the word about UNT Collegiate DECA in the process.

And on that note…Congrats to UNT on their Heart of Texas Bowl win this afternoon! I may not have a ton of school spirit, but I am incredibly proud of my Mean Green players.

What are YOUR New Year’s resolutions? How do you intend on making sure they happen? And leave your blog in your comment if you have one! Let’s make #4 happen.

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