The Crafty Couple

In the few days it’s been since I’ve last posted, Le Boyfriend and I have realized that when paired together and forced to craft, we actually make a pretty good team.

Before my birthday, I felt so overwhelmed by all of the material items overflowing in my house, all of which we had to organize before my party. I felt drowned in my families collective possessions, recently moved from our storage cubicle down the street and straight into our living room. So when Le Boyfriend asked what I wanted from him and his family, I asked if his Grams, the sewing extraordinaire, could take the 30-something t-shirts I had laying about and make them into a snazzy T-Shirt Quilt ala Pinterest (and this post here).

Adam outlining our cardboard template.

Adam was outlining our cardboard template (after some trial and error) and I was cutting the squares out. Grams is currently sewing together the shirts, and tomorrow we will venture to a fabric store (my Kryptonite!) to get the stuffing and fleece backing material.

In more recent events, we traveled to the Rangers game last night with our friend Paul and watched them play the Angels. I wasn’t sure who to cheer for, because being a California girl at heart I have a love for the Angels and Dodgers, but I came to the conclusion that if I cheered Hamilton in any way, shape or form, I might get shanked.

Paul, Adam (I know, his hair!) and myself.

Of course, my favorite part about Rangers games (besides finally pulling out my $60 pink Rangers Jersey) is the food. More specifically, the Garlic Fries. Eight dollars worth of deep fried, cheesy goodness that made my breath smell like the inside of an Italian restaurant. I worked out twice today to burn off the calories, but oh god it was worth it.

This was after a good dent was decimated…

We also ran into Bobbie, one of my lovely ladies from Celtic Troupe at faire, as she got prepared to volunteer with Rangers Go Green, the recycling program at the stadium. It’s very rare to see people from Faire outside of the grounds, so we had to document it with a picture.

(My jersey is pink and white, so the pink dress felt appropriate.)

Overall, it’s been a good few days. Time for some shuteye, talk to you all soon!


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