Fifteen Minutes of Fame (and none for Holly Norris)

So on day two of my new fitness routine, I’m pretty much dying. My thighs, abs and back are killing me, but I feel…stronger. If that’s possible, already. I noticed today that I could run a little longer, hold the wall squat on my new ab routine better, just a few small improvements that put a smile on my face.

Today was quite an important day for me, because the Travel Channel aired a episode of their new show, Fandemonium, hosted by Adam Richman from Man v. Food, titled “Midieval Madness.” It was filmed at, you guessed it, Scarborough Renaissance Festival, my home away from home.

Shenanigans with fellow UNT girl and troupe member, Kristen.

I was – of course – out of town the weekend they filmed at faire, which was the weekend I left for ICDC in California (to read about that crazy week, click here). But in watching it, I could name at least one person in almost every frame/scene, and promptly did so, much to Le Boyfriend and his father’s annoyance.

Celtic Troupe, my lovely, award winning group, is featured in the video above, and one of our two troupe directors, David, is featured in the episode, as well as the Pirate Crew I’m a part of and the reason I got involved in faire, the Seahawk Society. It was super surreal seeing all of my friends on TV, but it was such a great feeling knowing that this show would bring more tourism to the faire and hopefully more publicity to our troupe! (The faire website totally crashed after the episode aired, so you know it did it’s job!)

One of the highlights of the season – the Scarborough Celtic Troupe Scavenger Hunt for children on Celtic Weekend. They had to find the 10 of us listed on the page and get our John Hancock – I mean Henry Tudor….

Welp, that’s all for now, folks. Time to go get some shut eye before an early run to beat the heat tomorrow!


PS: Did you like my little Mean Girls reference in the title? I thought it was clever (:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just met some members of the Seahawk Society this weekend at TRF. I was supposed to get contact info for Aussie Lube about being a gunner on his ship. But i had to leave early due to family issues. If you could help it would be appreciated. Any questions you can contact me on the Moore’s Mead Facebook page. Thanks Scott Moore

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