Summer Girl

I never in a million years thought the summer before college would come this quickly. I guess it’s because I’ve literally spent the last year counting down the days until ICDC, instead of graduation, that I didn’t realize how soon everything would come. But here we are.

Prom has come and gone. It was a crazy, fun filled night. A little bit overhyped (I spent WAY too much on my dress…which, by the way, is for sale here), but I had a ton of fun at Project Celebration, the after prom, no drugs/alcohol school-sanctioned event. But hey, I won a laundry basket full of basics for college, and spent the night with some of my best friends and people I hadn’t really seen all year. Over all, it was a night well spent.

Pictured with Le Boyfriend, Le Best friend, and Le Best friend’s Date
Flashing the DECA Diamond with my DECA Little Sister, Jamie!

It didn’t really hit me that I was graduating until I was literally walking on stage and being bombarded with hugs from my Vice Principles, Principle and even superintendent (yes, Dr. Brown hugged me – I am as shocked as you, Birdville ISD readers). As I got my diploma from my counselor, I started tearing up and barely made it back to my seat, surrounded by the same people I’d known since 5th grade – some even longer.

Taking a moment to have a small flashback…here’s a pic of me at my Kindergarten Graduation.
Me on graduation day. More excited about the DECA Diamond on my tassel than anything else.

But now that everything is over, I’m starting to make my plans for the summer, and even for the fall. At this moment, I’m focusing more on what I can accomplish before I move into Maple Hall as part of the Emerald Eagle Scholar’s Program at UNT this August.

Summer To Do:

  • Camp NaNoWriMo – I’ve been a participant in National Novel Writing Month and CampNaNoWriMo for a few years now. I’ve never been able to finish a complete novel in the time allotted, mostly because I have the attention span of a small puppy, but also because my life has been so crazy as of late. This July, I plan on (attempting) to finish one of the many novels I have started on my harddrive.
  •    Do Some DIYin’  – The level of crafty stuff my house has in it is probably five times the average most super crafty moms have. My mother has always been really into art and things like that, but due to things like my senior scrapbook, and our recent cash crunch experienced in my household, I’ve been forced to DIY a lot of things. I have realized, most shockingly to me, that I actually LIKE crafting. So here’s to a summer of glitter, glue and my little Dirt Devil to pick up the aftermath.
  •    Become a Literary Ingenue Again – I used to spend all day reading in middle school, but since I started high schoolI haven’t really had time to actually sit down and finish anything really. This summer, I want to finish a lot of books. That will most likely happen, because Le Boyfriend will spend the majority of summer smashing his keyboard and killing dragons (IE: WOW).
  •    Spend Time with my Friends – Because of all the crazyness this year, I have spent very little time with both my best friends, and those I am not that close to but would still like to spend time with. My goal this summer is to make more time for my friends in this mess I call my life, in between my summer class and orientation and getting ready for UNT.
  •    Explore my Home – One of the things I am finding is that the more and more I explore Texas the more I realize I haven’t seen. I still want to find my way around Austin, San Antonio, even Dallas or Fort Worth, which seem so far away but are so close. I want to go to more museums, take more walks downtown, eat at more dives and find more places that no one has heard of.
  •    Better Myself – If there is anything I’ve forgotten this year, it’s that sometimes I need to take a moment to relax and take care of myself. Because of previous medical issues, when I get stressed my body literally goes into meltdown mode and tries to make me sleep the majority of the day. If I don’t sleep, I get physically sick. So this summer, I want to take the time to relax. Have self spa days, give myself a manicure, maybe a scalp massage or two. Sometimes, I just have to remember that I need a little pampering too.

Check out my summer to do list on Pinterest:

This summer is going to be (hopefully) one to remember; one more step on the unevenly paved road to my future.

Let’s see where this ride takes us.

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