The Beginning of the End

It’s so weird to think that this is my last year of high school. Four years ago, I started out this week as an awkward, 5’5, brace faced, nerdy girl on color guard with no social skills or fashion sense whatsoever.

Did I mention I also sprained my ankle the week before school started? No? Well, now you know. My first day of Freshman Year, and I was in a boot. My awkwardness exceeded THAT level.

Four years later, and looking at the way things have changed is kind of amazing.

Myself, Miranda and Kami from Block Forensics

Okay. Well. From that picture it really doesn’t look like things have changed that much. But I’ve grown about 4 inches, lost a good 15 lbs, and underneath my new Forensics jumpsuit (yes, you heard me right, Forensics! My fourth science class is a total win) I have, in fact, gained a fashion sense. You can kind of tell from the earrings and sandals. You can’t? Oh, well, pretend you can.

Four years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I got out of school. Back then, I think I was leaning towards cooking or writing books for a living, neither of which I seriously consider a viable career for myself anymore. Now, I’m looking at a career in Public Relations or Event Management, thanks to a little organization I joined called DECA as an equally as awkward Sophomore.

I know I brag on DECA a lot, but I think it was the turning point in my high school career. DECA made me really think about my future and where I was and am going with it. DECA made me challenge the processes in a lot of things, including the way classes for students are set up at our school (say Hello to the Birdville Center of Technology’s only full time student!) and has given me the chance to grow as a networker and as a public speaker (I also just realized I forgot to mention-while in LA for ELS last month, I was chosen as the first Social Media Correspondent for DECA Direct, DECA’s new national publication. More on that soon). I just finished a call with the other members of the State Action Team, where we put our plans into place for the fall, and I am SO excited for this next year with my organization.

The 2012-2013 National DECA theme is Thrive, and I think Thrive we will!
The new official picture of the 2012-2013 officers. President Kate looks so awesome.

I feel like everything in the last four years has kind of been a build up-all getting me ready for this novel climax worthy year at the end of my high school career. I’ve got a lot planned for the next 9 months in school, I don’t know how I’m going to do it all, but it’s going to be so worth it in the end.

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